EDUCATION – Shaping the Future 

  • Annual Education budget more than doubled from 6,600 Cr to 15,133 Cr. At 26% of total budget, it is Highest in India
  • Nearly doubled the number of Classrooms since 2015 for better Students to Classroom ratio (33:1). Modern desks, Smart Classrooms, Libraries, Computer Labs, Swimming pools and Sports Facilities boost motivation of children and teachers
  • World Class Leadership Training for Teachers and Principals. Quadrupled training budget spent on sending 1400 educators to Finland, Cambridge, Singapore, IIMs, and for cascaded training
  • Government schools are now Fully Accountable to Parents through Mega PTMs and elected School Management Committees (SMCs). SMC Fund increased from 5000 to 5 lacs
  • Innovative interventions launched. Mission Buniyad to increase the rates of foundational learning, Happiness Curriculum for implementing scientific approach to Social Emotional Learning, and Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum for experiential learning that nurtures potential job creators
  • Performance Better than Private Schools for the last 3 years. In 2019, the Delhi govt schools’ pass percentage for CBSE 12th exams was at 94% against 90% in private schools, and 87% national average
  • Double-down on Vocational Skills development programs including those for services industries such as Banking, Retail, Hospitality, Software Testing, etc. 

HEALTH – Every Life Matters  

  • Free Quality Healthcare for All – Rolling out first Universal Healthcare (UHC) System in India with a network of: 
    • 1.63 crore OPDs served across 300+ Mohalla Clinics providing free, high quality primary care for every neighborhood. 302 built, to become 1,000 by 2020 
    • 25 Polyclinics for high quality specialist care – 75 more planned 
    • 36 Specialty Govt Hospitals provide free tertiary care. Delhi residents are assured of life saving surgery scheduled within 30 days at government or empaneled private hospitals
  • Our Vision for Health has been commended globally by former UN Secretary Generals Mr. Kofi Annan and Mr. Ban Ki Moon 
  • Annual Health budget more than doubled from 3,600 Cr to 7,485 Cr. At 13% of total budget, it is Highest in India
  • Dengue cases in Delhi down by 80% and continues to drop 
  • 4000 lives saved thanks to innovative solutions like Bike Ambulances & Dilli ke Farishtey Scheme 

POWER – Lighting up Dreams & Hopes 

  • 24/7 Electricity: Power-cuts reduced by 87% since 2013 by strengthening infrastructure 
  • Cheapest Tariffs: Zero hike in tariffs since 2015 & Lifeline Electricity of 200 units per month free for 33 Lakh families. Reduction of up to at least 50% in fixed charges
  • Solar Power: Delhi will soon lead all states in Solar Power generation. From 6% in 2019, Delhi’s Solar Power usage will reach 23% in 2021. Ensured 50% annual growth rate in increasing solar capacity

WATER – Providing a Lifeline 

  • Access to Water – AAP Govt has increased piped water connections in unauthorized colonies by 67% 
  • Lifeline Water and Efficient Water Management – Free 20 KL of water provided monthly to 5.3L consumers. This has led to 27% increase in functional water meters and 52% drop in unmetered connections; 39% increase in DJB revenue since 2014 
  • An Ambitious plan to make Delhi Self-Sufficient in Water is under implementation by reviving 250 water bodies and 5 mega lakes using treated water at a cost of 376 cr

TRANSPORT – Mobility = Freedom = Progress 

  • Improved Access to and Reliability of Public Transport by planned addition of 4,300 buses, Increasing Bus Depot Capacity by 41%, and updating bus routes to ensure access to a bus-stop within 500m of every household 
  • Convenience. ‘One’ Common Mobility card valid for seamless travel between Metro and Buses, an important step towards cashless travel 
  • In Oct 2018, Delhi became the first Indian metro city to launch an Open Transit Data platform making GPS feeds of buses accessible for live tracking 
  • Improved Bus Shelters and deployment of security marshals for Women Safety, new modern Bus Terminals 
  • Daily ridership increased by 5 lakhs since 2016 
  • Odd-Even initiative: first in India to pilot ‘road rationing’ emergency measure, effective at reducing pollution by around 11%

GOVERNANCE – Prosperity for All 

  • First to Launch Home Delivery of 70 government services – No need to line up in queues for your Driving License, Marriage Registration, Sewer Connection and many more, Corruption-free 
  • Delhi Government’s budget has almost doubled in 5 years – from 331,000 Cr in 2014-15 to 360,000 Cr in 2019-20. It was possible due to increasing tax base by ending “Raid Raj” and plugging leaks 
  • Released the most comprehensive Outcome Budget in India linking public spending to over 2,200 Output indicators and 1,549 Outcome indicators across 38 departments

ENVIRONMENT – Creating the City our Children Deserve 

  • Green Budget: Delhi is the only state to have created a comprehensive action plan to combat pollution
  • Delhi is moving rapidly towards Electric Mobility by committing to add 1000 electric buses to its fleet (largest commitment outside China) by 2020 and by implementing an Electric Vehicle policy. 25% of new vehicles in Delhi will be Electric by 2023 
  • There has been a 25% reduction in PM2.5 and PM10 levels in Delhi (yearly average) since 2014 due to multi-pronged actions