We all know about the rampant corrupt practices in our country. But we do not dare raise our voice because of the fear of goonda elements. We the great impotent people of India!! (Read “Indians! Wake Up to Fight Corruption and Goonda Raj” to know the cause of our impotence).

Delhi law minister Somnath Bharati went to Khirki Extension to get a first hand impression about drug trafficking and sex racket as the residents had submitted complaints years back and there was no action by previous govts. I saw the first unedited TV report of the episode immediately after the incident. The minister called the police and asked them to raid the premises and a car which was standing outside having Nigerian girls and drugs. Police refused to act. A huge crowd of residents were shouting slogans supporting the minister and booing the police. The police officer refused to act. He even misbehaved with the minister and later a complaint was lodged that the minister was hindering the police functioning! We all know what goes on behind all this but we do nothing because we are the great impotent people of India!

Delhi Women’s welfare minister Rakhi Bidlan was sitting and protesting outside the house where a bride was burnt. She alleged that the local Delhi Police SHO was shielding the in-laws who had burnt a married woman Neha Yadav. The son of the lady killed said he had seen some people setting fire to her mother. The police was reluctant to take action. She sat in front of the house for hours pleading to the police to take action, but they refused.We all know what goes on behind all this but we do nothing, because we are the great impotent people of India!

Update: To my utter surprise, I find that this video of Somnath Bharati’s incident has been changed. So much for the freedom of press and media in our country!! The video which I saw when the news was shown live was different from what is now uploaded at their site. In the original news which I saw live on TV, whatever I have written above was clearly shown – the residents supporting the minister and shouting anti police slogans. Some of the residents were interviewed who complained of the police inaction for months in spite of several complaints. Now the video uploaded at the TV channel’s website (link given above) is a completely changed version of the news. Political Pressures??? Obviously someone is trying to hide facts and trying to malign the minister? Obviously the corrupt officials and the police!!

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