Singer and actor turned politician, Manoj Tiwari, has always been riled up in controversy. He is known for disrespecting teachers, making fun of people standing in queues, criticizing people from his own region, disrespecting army personnels, accepting fitness challenges, and making false promises during election campaigns. However, he has not been quite as cheerful as an elected representative. Here are some past incidents which don’t prove to be very flattering for Manoj Tiwari as a public representative and might continue to haunt him as a politician throughout his life.

Attack on People from Purvanchal

After some hateful incidents initiated riots in Maharashtra, public in Gujarat started physical assault on people from Purvanchal region who were working there as labourers and daily wagers. These incidents shook the nation as the migrants started moving back to their homes in Purvanchal. Delhi witnessed similar hateful activities on people from Purvanchal. The accused was not an unknown face among public, but BJP MP from South Delhi, Ramesh Bidhuri. Ramesh Bidhuri and his friends had a fist fight with other BJP leaders who were from Purvanchal. This was not the only incident, many other incidents from other parts of Delhi were also reported. It was Aam Aadmi Party which opposed the incidents and organized a protest across Delhi.

BJP workers indulge in power tussle during Run for Unity

When the protests were going on, Manoj Tiwari, who also belongs to the Purvanchal region, was not seen anywhere. He neither raised his voice against his party members nor in the favour of his fellow Purvanchalis who were the victim of hate crimes. He wrote a couple of letters to Ramesh Bidhuri, and in return received humiliating remarks from him. When Manoj Tiwari could not stand beside his people for their rights, it is impossible for anyone to expect from him to stand in support of the people during difficult times.

“New Faces, New Flight” and the same MCD

During the 2017 MCD elections, Manoj Tiwari came up with a slogan “Naye Chehre, Nai Udaan” (or “New Faces, New Flight”). This definitely introduced a new collection of faces of MCD councillors. But those faces did not do anything new other than looting the tax money. Newly elected councillors continued their loots by mismanaging funds and indulging in corrupt activities. Even BJP MP Vijay Goel called MCD a thief. Manoj Tiwari campaigned in favour of all the MCD members and failed to apologize to the people of Delhi when the elected councillors did not deliver what was promised during campaigns. Manoj Tiwari message during MCD election campaign was that he “will bring funds directly from the central government if Delhi government fails to provide any fund to MCD”. MCD is still waiting for special funds promised by Manoj Tiwari.  

Another major claim in the MCD election campaign was: “If BJP wins MCD elections, it will clean Delhi within 3 months”. Multiple 3-months have passed and Delhi remains dirty.  

The Feeling of Sealing

Close to 7 lakhs traders in Delhi are still suffering due to the sealing being carried by MCD officials. To add salt to injury, the traders were further humiliated by Manoj Tiwari. He broke the lock of a sealed shop in Gokulpur and presented himself as the leader of traders. It should be noted that the shops were (and still) being sealed by MCD officials directed by elected councillors, supported and campaigned for, by Manoj Tiwari. This single incident did not affect the sealing drive conducted across Delhi. AAP leaders protested for days on streets, went to jail, and broke their bones, but none of the BJP leaders (including Manoj Tiwari) dared to bring an ordinance in the parliament which could void the sealing.

Manoj Tiwari on sealing row

Improving Education and Humiliating Teachers

During election campaigns, Manoj Tiwari was talking about improving the education system in Delhi. In reality, when Manoj Tiwari was on stage during a program in one of the MCD schools in East Delhi, a teacher requested him to sing a song as he is a professional singer. Instead of respecting the request from the teacher, Manoj Tiwari openly humiliated the school teacher. This did not end here.

Humiliating remarks by Manoj Tiwari

The trend of humiliating people on various platforms continued. Another video surfaced on social media which exposed the policy of BJP against unauthorized colonies. Manoj Tiwari was caught on stage claiming to demolish all unauthorized colonies. He declared that the plan and policy to demolish these colonies is already under progress.

This was a red signal for Delhi residents. If BJP is not stopped in 2019 elections, houses in unauthorized colonies will disappear, further increasing the financial stress caused by inflation.

The Non-Existing Railway Station

Gokulpur is one of the state constituencies in North East Delhi. In this constituency, there is a train station named Saboli Halt but no one knows the names and schedule of trains that stop there. People are unaware of the ticketing system at this station. On a funny note, the station was inaugurated by a Congress MP, but the present MP, Manoj Tiwari, has also inaugurated the same station twice in the past 5 years. Bricks and stones lying along the railway line were just used to construct a small terrace.  

Lake Inauguration and Dumping Site

There is a river in Ghonda area opposite to Usmanpur Village in North East Delhi. Apparently, Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, and Manoj Tiwari used to go for boating on this river in boats with jet engines. The lake itself was inaugurated by Manoj Tiwari. In reality, the lake does not exist on the ground. The inauguration served the purpose of marketing and media coverage. Now, the area is used as a dumping site which is becoming dangerous to the health of local residents.

When the question about the ownership of landfill site was raised, Manoj Tiwari clearly denied the claim. There was no question of Congress or AAP authorizing the site as both these parties don’t have the required power to do so. Most funny thing about the location is that the land was allocated by DDA (of which Manoj Tiwari is an integral part) to MCD (ruled by BJP and campaigned for by Manoj Tiwari). BJP was involved in transferring the land from one of its ruling body to another and MCD filled the site with garbage. However, BJP never acknowledged this blunder as it is utterly shameful.

Diseases such as skin cancer, lung cancer, and paralysis are triggered due to toxic wastes being dumped into the site. AAP, along with people from 8 Vidhan Sabha constituencies, is opposing the establishment of a landfill in the area. Construction of a landfill is also a violation of rules according to the waste management system and environmental laws. Many environmentalists have criticized the decision.

Signature Bridge Episode

Signature Bridge construction was pending for decades and its cost was increasing every year. Until 4 years ago, foundation pillars of the bridge were not visible above the surface of water. After AAP came into power, it started focusing on its completion and ensured uninterrupted financial clearance. Finally, the time came when AAP decided to present Signature Bridge as a 2018 Diwali gift, specially to the people of North East Delhi. AAP government organized an inaugural ceremony which did not go very well due to the ruckus created by Manoj Tiwari and his supporters. While the ceremony was ongoing, Manoj Tiwari slapped a IPS officer and physically fought with other police officials. His supporters disturbed the event by forcefully taking down the posters.

Manoj Tiwari and his supporters during the inauguration of Signature Bridge

When asked about the reason behind igniting the protests, Manoj Tiwari said that he was infuriated as he was not invited. On the contrary, Delhi CM had made it public before the inauguration that each and every citizen of Delhi was welcome to join the event.

If MPs such as Manoj Tiwari are continually elected by people, development can never happen. It is time to elect representatives who are ready to work for the welfare of people, not to fool them after getting elected.