Report card of Manoj Tiwari

In a first of its kind, AAP PAC member Gopal Rai exposed current BJP MP from North East Delhi, Manoj Tiwari. Manoj Tiwari is also Chief of BJP state team in Delhi. According to Rai, Manoj Tiwari promised a lot but in reality did nothing on ground. People of Delhi want an update on promises made by BJP MPs in 2014. Gopal Rai presented the report card of North East Delhi Lok Sabha MP Manoj Tiwari from 2014-19.

1. Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana

Adarsh Gram Yojana scheme was launched in early 2015 after BJP formed the government. Under the scheme, Manoj Tiwari adopted Kadipur and Chauhanpatti Sabhapur villages in North East constituency. Since the village was adopted, there has been almost zero developmental work and the village is in very poor condition. No development plan has been prepared. Roads are in poor condition, drainage is overflowing and village is struggling due to unhygienic environment across the village. Lot of money has been spent in the name of development but it can not be seen anywhere. Kids can’t go to schools as existing classes are overloaded and lack basic education infrastructure.

According to the guidelines of Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana, Gram Panchayat will be the principal unit which means MPs were supposed to select a Gram Panchayat, not a village. And in Delhi, there has been no Gram Panchayat elections in the past 30 years. Under these circumstances, people of Delhi are being fooled and rules are being violated. AAP wanted to empower Mohalla Sabhas and Gram Panchayats via Swaraj Bill but the bill has been struck down by the central government.

2. Financial Help to MCD

While campaigning for MCD candidates in 2017, Manoj Tiwari sought voter support with a promise of special financial help for MCD from the central government. According to him, the allocated budget was supposed to to clean and develop Delhi. In reality, more than 2 years have passed and not a single rupee has been allocated by the central government as promised by Manoj Tiwari. Manoj Tiwari backed off from his promises of cleaning Delhi within 3 months of winning MCD elections.

3. MCD Sanitation

While campaigning for MCD elections in 2017, Manoj Tiwari promised to clean Delhi within 3 months of winning the elections. As part of election promises, more than 1 lakh cleaning workers would get special help and their children would receive better education. Two years have passed, and Delhi remains dirty, sewage uncleaned, and education level in MCD schools deteriorating. None of the promises of Manoj Tiwari related to sanitation were fulfilled.

4. Permanent Position for MCD Cleaning Workers

While campaigning for MCD elections, Manoj Tiwari also promised to appoint MCD cleaning workers permanently. More than 2 years have passed and none of the MCD cleaning workers are made permanent. Since BJP won MCD elections until today, Manoj Tiwari has failed to convince BJP government to fulfil their promises.

5. Permanent Position for Guest Teachers

During MCD campaigns, Manoj Tiwari was found coaxing Delhi guest teachers by promising a permanent position upon winning elections. He even had several meetings with guest teachers before elections but after elections, the promise of permanent position to guest teachers is waiting to be fulfilled. Guest teachers in Delhi are still fighting for their rights and protesting on roads. Delhi government approved the proposal to give a permanent position to guest teachers which is pending with the central government.  

As the services department is controlled by the central government, only the latter can appoint guest teachers and MCD cleaning workers permanently. If Delhi gets full statehood status, services department will be automatically transferred to Delhi government and it will not require any further approval from central government (via LG office) to implement its cabinet decisions.

6. Full Statehood

Full statehood is not a new issue in Delhi. Both BJP and Congress have been demanding full statehood status for Delhi. During 2014 Parliamentary elections, BJP promised full statehood status to Delhi in its manifesto. Every meeting attended by Manoj Tiwari had full statehood centric discussion. A government term is about to be over and both Manoj Tiwari and his party forgot about their promise of full statehood. As a MP from North East Delhi, Manoj Tiwari failed to ask a single question related to full statehood during parliamentary proceedings.

North East area of Delhi is one of the backward areas in the state where people don’t associate themselves to be living in Delhi. Under these conditions, full statehood status can bring revolutionary developments in the area.

7. Metro Fare Hike

Delhi Metro is one of the major transportation systems used by Delhi residents. Public funded transportation system must be affordable and accessible for every citizen but it is getting expensive everyday. Recently, metro fare was hiked and people opposed the fare hike. During this time, all 7 public representatives from BJP were silent and did not come forward with the public who elected them. Metro fare was hiked to increase revenue but in reality increase in fare resulted in the decline of metro ridership. People started opting for alternative and cheaper transportation systems. At the end, metro fare hike has zero impact on its revenue.

Being an elected representative, BJP Chief in Delhi and Member of Standing Committee on Transport, Manoj Tiwari failed to raise a single question against metro fare hike.

8. Sealing Across Delhi

Sealing is one of the issues which not only affected the local businesses but also the consumers associated with those businesses. AAP legislators tried their best to end sealing via joint meetings, protests and proposals. But, sealing could not be stopped in Delhi. An ordinance is the only solution to stop sealing which can be brought by the central government. Manoj Tiwari was found giving useless statements regarding sealing but failed to raise a single sealing related question in the parliament.

9. Demonetization

Government of India demonetized Rs 500 and 2,000 notes on Nov 8, 2016 with a major objective to crack down on black money and terrorism. People were standing in queues outside bank ATMs and waited for their turns to exchange their hard earned money. Demonetization failed to bring back the black money and end terrorism but it heavily impacted business and job sectors.

When the country was going through hard times, Manoj Tiwari was found laughing and making fun of people standing in queues. Such an insensitive behaviour of a public representative highlights his lack of concern for the people who elected him as MP.  

10. Questions in Parliament

According to a parliamentary report, BJP MP Manoj Tiwari participated in only 10 debates since 2014. National participation average is 67.1 and state average is 65.8. Among 7 MPs from Delhi, Manoj Tiwari is at 7th position in parliamentary debates where Delhi was at 4th with 258 questions.

11. Private Member Bill

Be it fulfilling poll promises or something needed for the society, Manoj Tiwari did not table any private member bill in the parliament. Let’s forget about private member bill to fulfill poll promises, Manoj Tiwari even failed to table private member bill on Ram Temple which he promised during a TV debate and on social media.

12. MPLAD Funds

MPLAD fund is allocated to each MP (and MLA too depending on state legislation) to conduct developmental work in their constituency. While North East constituency is suffering from various problems related to sewage, water, education, health, environment etc., Manoj Tiwari spent the least amount of MPLAD fund. As per the report dated Mar 27, 2019, a total of Rs 11.48 crores remained unspent with the Delhi MPs as the 16th Lok Sabha is coming to an end. Out of this 11.48 crores, Manoj Tiwari has an unspent balance of Rs 3.16 crores.

13. Unauthorized Colonies

Unauthorized colonies are another problem in Delhi and in every election, every party promises to develop those colonies. BJP also did the same during 2014 election campaign. After keeping a silence for 5 years, a new committee has been constituted which will be lead by Delhi LG. The committee which came right before elections will look after the developmental works in unauthorized colonies. Delhi witnessed the master plans 1962, 2001 and 2021 but failed to achieve anything major despite the central government having full authority.  

When the Master Plan for Delhi 2021 was being prepared, Delhi Laws (Special Provisions) Act, 2006 was enacted on 19th May, 2006 which was effective for a period of one year. This was followed by similar Acts which were also effective for one year each. This was renamed as the National Capital Territory of Delhi Laws (Special Provisions) Second Act, 2011, also known as principal act effective for a period of three years valid 31st December, 2014. The act was extended in 2014 for a period of three years and again in 2017 for a period of three years till December 2020. With the population increase in Delhi, problems have aggravated, however, no concrete steps have been taken at a policy level by the government to cater to the growing needs of Delhi.

Being an elected representative and BJP state chief, Manoj Tiwari failed to bring any promising policy to execute developmental work in unauthorized colonies. Deadlines kept extending without proper execution work and now a master plan 2041 is under development.

14. Law and Order

As Delhi does not have a full statehood status, Delhi Police comes under central government. Public complaints to their representatives when the situation of law and order deteriorates. For better coordination between public representatives and police, district and police station level committees were constituted by the previous government. After winning 7 seats in Delhi, BJP MPs convinced LG to derecognize police station committees headed by MLA. Only district level committees headed by MP continued functioning. Manoj Tiwari is also the chairman of one of the district committees. Inactivity of BJP MPs and derecognition of police station committees (headed by MLA) increased the crime rates in Delhi. Manoj Tiwari and other MPs failed to take effective decisions which could increase the confidence between police and public.

People, data and surveys clearly show that people of Delhi are feeling unsafe and do not believe in the police system. Manoj Tiwari himself accepted in Mar 2017 that crime against children and women has increased in Delhi. Crime against women has risen by more than 100% and incidents of theft have increased by 82%.

15. Inflation

Reducing inflation was one of the poll promises during 2014 election campaigns of BJP. It was promised that government will take necessary steps to reduce inflation and will reduce the prices of petrol and diesel. On the contrary, central government brought demonetization and GST which had a negative impact on businesses and increased inflation. Prices of petrol and diesel increased despite declining rates of crude oil in international market. Combined effect of demonetization, petrol/diesel price, GST and sealing increased the inflation in Delhi and all across India.

When the prices of petrol/diesel were being raised, none of the BJP MP came in support of public opposing the price rise. All of them silently supported the loot by private oil companies. They also failed to appeal to the government to lower the high taxes collected on petrol/diesel.

16. Leader of Chowkidar

After BJP launched its election campaign, most BJP leaders including Manoj Tiwari added “Chowkidar” at the beginning of their names. Few years ago, Manoj Tiwari questioned Kiran Bedi that “Capital needed a leader, not a thanedar”. So, is the question “Capital needed a leader, not a Chowkidar” still valid for Manoj Tiwari?

17. Disrespecting Army

BJP is fighting 2019 elections in the name of nationalism and projects Indian army as Narendra D. Modi’s army. Manoj Tiwari himself was seen in army attire during a bike rally in Mar 2019. Election Commission of India has already warned political parties to avoid the use of army in their election campaigns. Manoj Tiwari is not only disrespecting the Indian army but also the Election Commission of India.

18. Promoting or Stopping Development, the real intention?

There are 19 Lok Sabha constituencies in NCR and out of them 18 are represented by BJP MPs. People voted for BJP with lot of hopes and expectations to develop the region. On the contrary, all the BJP MPs are continuously working to stop developmental works carried out  by Delhi Aam Aadmi Party government. Whether it is stopping a bill, snatching away rights or releasing funds, AAP government has been tortured in all possible ways.

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