With journalist Ravish Kumar revealing details of BJP’s new offices, to be inaugurated in all the 630 districts in the country soon, which is now in various stages of readiness, just reveals another facet of this crass, heartless, obtuse, insensitive, unresponsive, cold hearted and not to forget incompetent government. It seems to have been on an overdrive, in preparation of it’s own perceived immortality, as the country suffered the after effects of DeMo, GST, rising unemployment, farmer distress, rising
inflation, among others.

It is amazing, how this party by keeping the country occupied with communal hatred, fake nationalism, a severely gassed up PM, all sought to distract, from the crores of party funds they received mostly from undisclosed sources. Last year, six national parties declared an income of Rs 1293 crores, of which BJP alone showed an income of Rs 1027 crores, which is almost 80% of the total election funding. And ironically 53 % of this came from undisclosed sources.

A huge chunk of it comes from the much debatable electoral bonds, essentially corporate funding, 94% of which went to the BJP, most likely by threatening the donors, with adverse action. The biggest source of corruption in the political system, is the funding of the political parties. In the past, the high court has found both the BJP and Congress guilty of accepting foreign funding, while giving AAP, the clean chit twice. Finance minister Arun Jaitely also managed to slip in a clause, which helped both BJP and Congress escape the provisions of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) violation, in 2016, not just for that year, but retrospective from 2010, when the act was introduced.

These large party resources go towards not only these fanciful offices, but also buying up MLA’s in different states, in glitzy election campaigns, which make a complete mockery of the election spending limits. Not even a small percentage of it seems to have gone to any welfare activity.

Maybe in 2016, when plans for these offices seem to have got underway, their own immortality seemed to be a taken, but on the eve of elections in 2019, things are so different.

BJP Party offices in Jabalpur and Raipur (Source)

In their urgency to emphasize their own immortality, they seem to have forgotten that they were elected to build schools, hospitals, roads bridges and create employment. They forgot that their promises were to build smart cities, develop the villages that they “adopted”.

Its unthinkable that while babies were dying for lack of oxygen in UP hospitals, air conditioning units were being fixed in the 71 offices built in UP alone. It is unthinkable that while farmers from all over the country were agitating in Delhi and the rest of the country, land was being acquired in posh localities to build these vastu compliant fancy offices, at the cost of a couple of crores each at least.

Building these offices, seems to have taken precedence over hiring staff, following two lakh vacancies in government offices, not to forget DeMo causing a loss of 1,10,000 jobs, following it.

And while their HQ’s was being built in Delhi, supposed to be the largest political party office in the world, they let loose the LG on AAP, when they reserved a bungalow for their own party office. The notice to vacate was issued by the LG, despite other political parties in the capital having similar offices, which the high court intervened to stop.