Ever since Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is born, multiple attempts have been made to malign its reputation. But, it has survived every attack while continuously trying to hold on to its ground. Be it AAP or any other organization who has questioned the intention of ruling parties or sought more transparency in the system, has always been the prime target of vile forces. When all tactics of the opposing fraction failed to break the anti-corruption movement, leaders from ruling parties provoked India Against Corruption (IAC) members by accusing them of violating the constitution. IAC team was further challenged to form a political party and clean the mess the way they wanted. Accepting the challenge, certain members of the IAC movement formed a political party known as Aam Aadmi Party. Looking back, this was the best outcome of the movement which completely shocked the UPA government.

Political parties tried their best to break the structural integrity of AAP. Threats were made to cancel AAP MLA memberships, IT raids were conducted, and legal cases were fabricated to distort the social image of MLAs via social media. When nothing worked, AAP government in Delhi was attacked vehemently. Delhi government proposals which needed a formal nod of approval from the LG office were blocked/delayed (20 instances when Delhi government proposals were rejected or delayed), advisors were sacked, administrative controlling powers of the Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) were taken away, payments were delayed, and bureaucrats were pressured to avoid instructions. Delhi government was paralyzed for almost 3 years. Kudos to AAP leaders who fought the case in Supreme Court to regain legislative powers in Delhi. After the SC judgement in July  2018, AAP government achieved some freedom to execute public works. The potential and productivity of AAP without all the hurdles and long periods of inactivity can only be imagined. Currently, Delhi government initiatives in health, education, and environment are attracting researchers from all over the world.

Whether it is the corporate sector or political parties ruling in a state or country, they exist and thrive on account of common people who consume products and vote for a political party. On many occasions in various countries, both the corporate and political parties walk side by side and complement each other. In the language of the constitution, job of the government (ruled by a political party in a democracy) is to serve people by designing and implementing policies where everyone gets equal opportunity and a fair share to achieve a sustainable lifestyle. However, when ruling parties and the corporate start sharing revenue, they start favoring each other via policy corruption. At this stage, things turn messy and difference between the rich and poor increases.

Corporate sector and corrupt political parties turn against anyone who tries to break their hegemony. Time and again, individuals or groups have been attacked with lawsuits and administrative humiliation by political parties. Pro-people initiatives in Delhi by AAP government has attracted the attention of many opposing groups. AAP could have avoided all such attacks if it was no different than the other corrupt parties and existed on the basis of false promises made to loot common citizens in India.

Funding is very critical for the proper functioning of a political party. I am quite confident in stating that if the common people of India did not donate to AAP, it would have degraded to the level of other traditional parties or might even have vanished by now. I have been donating to AAP at regular intervals since the past six years. NRI participation in Indian politics was very low before the IAC movement. Nevertheless, every NRI has always wished to see India in a better position. As AAP’s motto is to bring about a positive transformation in the country, many NRIs have lend a helping hand to the party. A new hope has risen that change is possible and AAP is the missing platform which was needed long ago.   

NRIs have contributed by designing strategies, participating in policy making, donating for honest politics, and working shoulder to shoulder with ground volunteers. As elections approach, one might see a lot of mud-slinging memes and political attacks on AAP, but overseas and ground volunteers have been standing with AAP and strengthening its position since its inception. In a step to gear up for upcoming parliamentary elections, AAP USA volunteers have raised around $25,000 US dollars. Names of some of the members who donated as part of #Action4Nation campaign are given below:  

S NoName Donation Amount (Rs)Certificate 
1Abhishek Dodda70,000Click Here 
2Amit Behere70,000Click Here 
3Anjali Mangi70,000Click Here 
4Arun Jayaram70,000Click Here 
5Hari Shankar Sharma70,000Click Here 
6Jeshwanth Reddy70,000Click Here 
7Kulbir Singh70,000Click Here 
8Manohar Bhati Mura70,000Click Here 
9Neha A.70,000Click Here 
10Prabhat Sharma70,000Click Here 
11Rajendra Lodha70,000Click Here 
12Ravi Katiyar70,000Click Here 
13Sailaja Nandela70,000Click Here 
14Sajan Devan70,000Click Here 
15Sandeep Aggarwal 70,000Click Here 
16Santosh Addagulla70,000Click Here 
17Sanub Devan70,000Click Here 
18Shyam Panjwani70,000Click Here 
19Sreekanth Kocharlakota70,000Click Here 
20Veena Rani70,000Click Here 
21Vijaya Lakshmi70,000Click Here 
22Vishal Kudchadkar70,000Click Here 

In multiple attempts, activists tried their best to make political funding transparent but the ruling parties always come up with an excuse to hide donor details. Digital transactions came into existence in the early 2000 but were never used for political crowdfunding in India by any political party until the formation of AAP. Online donations are convenient and transparent. A crowdfunding campaign gives power to the  common citizens to become a part of the political revolution. AAP is proud to be the only political party in India which runs on public-funded money. We, the AAP volunteers, are proud to be a part of AAP.