Delhites couldn’t have asked for a more sweeter valentine’s day present, on Feb 14, 2015 than the Aam Aadmi Party chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia, being sworn in, in a very simply ceremony, after the party was voted into power with a brute majority. They got to work on the very first day, in a hurry to fulfill all their poll promises, most of which they have either completed or have got started on, despite the extreme interference in their work, slowing down their speed by almost 50 %. Now the party is working at record speed to catch up on lost time, to fulfill all their poll promises and more, before they go back to the public seeking their votes, to win with a huge mandate again, to continue to serve Delhi.

When the government took charge, Delhi’s annual budget always considered healthy, was at Rs 31,000 crores. Since then the budget has exponentially grown every year to reach Rs 53,000 crores this year, a jump of more than 1.5 times, unseen and unheard of in any state since Independence. Siphoning off a mere 10 % of the budget would ensure that AAP would not suffer from a dearth of election funds. And yet they prefer to keep their hands clean and go to the public at each election for crowd support.

The half state got a meagre Rs 790 crores from the centre, in 2018-2019 despite Delhites contributing Rs 91,000 crores in taxes for the centre in 2017. This step motherly treatment towards Delhi has been going on since 2001. Yet the state and centre both ruled by the congress then, never worked to restore the balance. And so the fight for full statehood continues, one of the only major unfulfilled promises of the party.

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