You might already be aware of the revolutionary reforms in education sector taken by Delhi Government. In the past 3 years, education infrastructure has changed drastically. It’s talked all over that infrastructure in Delhi Government schools is bypassing Private schools. Some of the major educational reforms by Delhi government include:

  1. 8000 new class rooms already constructed
  2. 13,000 more in process and will be completed by Nov 2019
  3. 23 new schools (world class infrastructure)
  4. 5 Schools of excellence (fully English medium)
  5. One World Class School
  6. Mentor Teacher program
  7. Teachers’ training in foreign institutes such as Cambridge, Oxford and NIE, Singapore
  8. Principals’ training in Finland and IIM Ahmedabad
  9. Chunauti 2018 – enhancing reading and writing ability of children
  10. Reading Mela
  11. Happiness Curriculum
  12. Mega PTM
  13. Active School Management Committees
  14. Summer Camp

Behind these reforms is Manish Sisodia’s vision in education but there is one more person who has worked tirelessly day & night to convert his vision into reality. Her name is Atishi and she was Advisor to the Education Minister for 3 years until LG sacked her from the position.

She is a topper and Gold Medallist from St. Stephen’s College. She received Rhodes scholarship and completed Master’s program from Oxford University. After completing her studies, she returned to India. Thereafter, she worked in a village to improve the condition of education and farmers. During India Against Corruption movement, she joined the team of Arvind Kejriwal. When Delhi government was formed in 2015, she worked with the education minister as an advisor and took a token salary of only ₹1 per month.

I am working with her since more than the past 2 years and have seen her dedication and commitment to provide quality education to all.

For the upcoming 2019 parliamentary elections, Atishi is going to fight from the East Delhi constituency. It will be the first constituency where Education will be the key agenda item to fight elections. A win for Atishi is very important as she is the face of education. If she wins, the message that Education can be an electoral issue will be loud and clear to all. On the other hand, if she loses, it will be evident that there is no need to work for education in India as people don’t vote for it.

Atishi has skill, determination and a dedicated team but she is lacking financial resources. I believe it’s our moral duty to support her in this fight. I am requesting you to donate whatever amount you can to help her fight this election.

On Feb 6, 2019, Atishi launched crowdfunding campaign on to raise a total of Rs 70 Laksh. The campaign will be ending on Apr 2, 2019. You join her campaign by clicking the below link.

In case you are able to join crowdfunding campaign due to some technical difficulty, please donate for Atishi using the link given below.