Through social media, almost everyday we see videos and read articles on different topics. Some of those are very informative and creates a positive rapport with us and others leave a bad taste. In the process, we develop an opinion about certain things that we witness in our day to day life. At Grey Podium, we believe that every opinion matters and carries some value. Our goal is to provide a platform to people in order to express their ideas related to governance and policies. This website consists of articles and highlights work of individuals who are trying to raise awareness using different techniques. One such example is “Mufflerman Vs Monkeyman”, which is a cartoon and colouring book.

We are a couple of individuals who came together due to a political revolution targeted to weed out corruption from India, known as Aam Aadmi Party. You might find a lot of articles on this portal centred around the accomplishments of this party. In addition, we are also continuously working towards bringing you a new data-driven perspective related to environment, public governance, policy analysis and social awareness. Our aim is to stay focused on policies and governance as policies decide our actions and governance drives them.

In this internet-era, getting information from one part of the world to another is at the tip of our finger. When we read an article about any country, we create an opinion about that particular country/region. However, visiting the place in person and physically interacting with its elements, might provide a very different experience. As it is very easy to get swayed from truth due to heaps of information floating around on the world wide web, at Grey Podium we aim to provide a path to seeking factual details.

Like our idea? Grey Podium is always looking for new contributors. You can be a fellow volunteer by joining our team as a writer or editor.