Vijaya is an Independent journalist and writes on current politics, sports and spirituality. She started her career as a print journalist, specializing in investigative reporting, having contributed to several publications including The Pioneer, The Week, Indian Express, Free Press group, Midday, Afternoon, Daily and Life Positive.

Though she dabbled with political reporting in the past, it was more out of disillusionment than a real conviction. The conviction came much later in life, when the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), won the first Delhi elections in December 2013. Her curiosity in the party and party chief Arvind Kejriwal was kindled when he resigned as chief minister, after only 49 days in power, a move which requires tremendous guts and gumption. Since then, she has followed the growth of the party keenly, cheered loudly when AAP came back to power in 2015. A close monitoring of the Delhi government model, has only strengthened her belief that good, clean governance with sound policies, is the only way forward for mass development, whether it is in areas of education, health, housing or infrastructure, all of which has tremendous results in Delhi, in just its very first term, at the helm.